A Tropical Dispatch

Greetings, dear friends and hawk-eyed agents of Sauron. It’s been a few months since the latest post on Reactionary Futurism, and for that I am sincerely sorry. Many excuses come to mind – I’ve been dreadfully busy, and thus haven’t felt like writing when I stumble upon some free time. A poor excuse, I will... Continue Reading →

The Path to Power

Any exploration of power would be lacking without a consideration of its nature. So what is power? Power is defined as the ability to effect change, which is exactly what we’re concerned with. We all share a similar vision of a better world, but without power, we lack the ability to manifest our shared vision... Continue Reading →

Is the Putin Option Viable? A Response to Clayton Bishop

(Note: This article was originally published on my MakerSupport page in February 2018.) Clayton Bishop recently wrote a thoughtful article at Identity Dixie. Titled “The Putin Option," this piece addresses a few strategies commonly discussed on the Dissident Right. The title of this article is derived from conservative writer Rob Dreher’s concept of the Benedict... Continue Reading →

A Few Thoughts on Leadership

People are the most important resource in any organization. Treating one’s employees or members simply as means to an end is a recipe for failure. Leaders who are only interested in pursuing selfish ends will find themselves alone – or worse, surrounded by other selfish opportunists whom he cannot or should not trust. People are... Continue Reading →

My Position on Religion Is Objectively Correct

I’m going to try to keep this brief. Religious debates within an Identitarian context are rarely productive and often tedious. Having observed many, I’ve noticed that the real issue isn’t Christian vs. Pagan, Atheist vs. Christian, X vs. Y, etc. but rather between the following factions: Faction A: Everyone must convert to my religion. “We’re... Continue Reading →

Subculture vs. Strategy

I’ve noticed a pretty significant divide within the nationalist community. This divide doesn’t simply concern “optics”; instead, it permeates the entire discussion on how we can create a better world for people of European heritage. The divide to which I refer is one between subculture and strategy. These represent two different mindsets. The subcultural mindset... Continue Reading →

Reactionary Futurism: An Inauguration

Hello, friends, and welcome to Reactionary Futurism! This blog will serve as a continuation of what began over at MakerSupport – that is, a place where I can share my thoughts on anything and everything. For those unaware, I posted a number of articles at MakerSupport, but the website has since fallen apart. I gave... Continue Reading →

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