A Tropical Dispatch

Greetings, dear friends and hawk-eyed agents of Sauron.

It’s been a few months since the latest post on Reactionary Futurism, and for that I am sincerely sorry. Many excuses come to mind – I’ve been dreadfully busy, and thus haven’t felt like writing when I stumble upon some free time. A poor excuse, I will admit. But seeing as how I’m currently enjoying some downtime in the Florida Keys, where I’m on somewhat of a secret mission only tangentially related to the movement, I find myself sorely lacking excuses not to write.

In summary, things are mostly good, both for me and the organization. Uncertainty is my only complaint, but such is life, and I find complaining to be an utter waste of time and energy.

Identity Evropa currently boasts more members and funding now than ever, which is particularly noteworthy given the obstacles in our way: payment processor deplatforming, social media censorship, a horrendously defamatory Wikipedia page, two civil lawsuits, and the unfortunate, post-Charlottesville lethargy that has paralyzed, if not destroyed, much of the broader movement.

However, while these obstacles certainly constitute substantial challenges, they’re nothing we cannot overcome; indeed, I would argue that the adversity we’ve faced over the course of the last year – and continue to face, of course – has made us stronger, wiser, and more resolute. Prior to Unite the Right, our movement was green, naive, and, due to poor leadership, mostly directionless. During the 2016 election, we felt as invincible as gods; Trump was ascending, and so, too, were we.

Or at least that’s how it felt.

Unite the Right and Trump’s preliminary difficulties in office shattered that illusion, revealing that we are not, in fact, invincible, but instead very, very mortal. Transforming this hellscape, we learned, will not be accomplished with ease.

But while mortal, we are armed with the truth. The enemy’s arsenal, which includes neoliberalism, progressivism, and faux-conservatism, relies upon the suppression of certain truths – the reality of race, the importance of group identity, the nature of degeneracy, and the identity of those behind the curtain – to operate effectively. The Alt-Right, regardless of its failings, succeeded at forcing these truths into the light. And were I one of the many architects of the global slave project, I would be rightfully mortified by this. So though many on the Right suffer from censorship and deplatforming, the simple fact of the matter is that, short of abject totalitarianism, our message will continue to spread; we will continue to win hearts and minds, and the enemy’s efforts to undermine us will only bolster our resolve and ensure that more people gravitate toward us. It’s worth remembering that the Left’s vitriolic anti-White rhetoric and overall racial insanity – arguably the most significant factors that led to the Alt-Right – will only escalate in the upcoming years. As such, it’s inevitable that our movement will experience continual growth.

Organizationally and administratively, IE has improved by leaps and bounds. Many of my contributions will never be visible to those outside of the organization, and that’s okay. It’s not without a bit of pride that I can say that IE now has two (mostly) full-time employees, and a number of part-time ones to boot. This was not the case back when the organization had access to Stripe, PayPal, Squarespace, etc.

In terms of activism, we are more active, organized, and effective than ever. Whereas in 2017 our flash demonstrations would consist of 10-30 people (with many drawn from the broader movement), we can now field close to 100 activists for such demonstrations, solely drawn from the organization. This is key, because quality control in fringe politics is everything. The results speak for themselves: In recent months, we caused the Mexican government to write a formal complaint to the US State Department, and later received a full blown condemnation from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The next six months will prove pivotal for Identity Evropa. We have some amazing things in store for you all – including a few surprises – and I’m confident that we will continue to find success in the future. We’re building an organization that accommodates multiple levels of participation: we accept members who do activism, and those who do not. We’re building an organization that has zero tolerance for anti-social behavior. We’re building an organization that is not neglecting the “boring” work – building infrastructure and social capital – in favor of pursuing myopic and ill-conceived publicity stunts. In short, we’re building an organization that has the potential to be a powerful, positive vehicle for the change we wish to effect.

On the personal front, things are good as well. While not working for Red Ice or Identity Evropa, I spend my time reading, lifting weights, playing guitar, training combat sports, and socializing with my local IE chapter. In the past few months, I have also traveled quite a bit, visiting IE chapters across the country to put faces to names and participate in activism. At times, I’m pleasantly mystified by what has become my life; had you told me in 2015 that I would be doing this for a living, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. On the other hand, though, I’m at times surprised by how naturally I accepted this rather unconventional path – assuming it was a choice, that is.

Contrary to expectations, dropping my nom de guerre hasn’t changed much of anything. I was prepared for a storm that didn’t arrive – or one that hasn’t arrived yet. Due to the average person’s unfamiliarity with all of this, I have only been recognized twice in public: first at the airport, second at a Cracker Barrel, both times by friendlies. However, the Today Show will be airing a segment on me in the upcoming weeks, which could shatter the relatively peaceful existence I’ve led until now. If that’s the case, so be it. I’m prepared to sacrifice a quiet life – and far, far more – for this cause of ours, one that is both righteous and justified. Furthermore, I have faith that our overall situation will change for the better, even if things continue to decline for a time until order and light prevail.

There are a number of topics I look forward to writing about in the near future, so stay tuned. And if you, too, look forward to seeing Identity Evropa thrive in the upcoming weeks, months, and years – we’re building this thing to last, baby – I would strongly encourage you to join and/or support our work. Without members and funding, we simply cannot exist.

That is all for now. You’re free to go.


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