Donald Trump and the Era of Neoconservatism Lite

I’ve been quite disappointed with President Trump’s foreign policy thus far.

During his campaign, Trump dared suggest that maybe – just maybe – we should try to get along with Russia. In the past, he also spoke out against Western meddling in Syria. Most notably, Trump lambasted George W. Bush over the Iraq War. This led many, myself included, to believe that a Trump presidency would constitute a welcome departure from neoconservative foreign policy.

We were wrong.

Trump scrapped the Iran deal; he moved the embassy to Jerusalem; his team hired an Israeli spy firm to dig up dirt on individuals who helped negotiate the Iran deal (ostensibly to try to delegitimize the deal); he praised Netanyahu’s absurd “Iran lied” speech; he bombed Syria – twice; he gave Bolton, Haspel, and Pompeo top positions; and now, his administration is considering non-violent regime change in Iran, likely in the form of a color revolution.

Many more offenses could be added to the list above, but these are the most egregious. While I’m sure there are “chess” narratives for each, the simple fact is that Trump is doing what is good for Israel. Period. There’s no way around this.

We shouldn’t be too surprised, however. Trump’s has intimate ties with many wealthy Zionists, including Sheldon Adelson and the Kushner family, to whom he gave his daughter.

Despite all of this, however, Trump is not a full neoconservative. He opposes military intervention, which is better than the opposite. But he does, unfortunately, see Israeli and Saudi Arabia as America’s greatest allies, when in fact they are not. Saudi Arabia exports terrorism – the same charge Trump levels against Iran – and Israel has, among other things, been responsible for dragging America into destructive, worthless wars for its own benefit, all while we subsidize its existence.

So while I’m glad that we most likely will not be invading Middle Eastern countries, the possibility that we’ll be spending our resources to bring LGBT “values,” consumerism, and failed democracy to Iran is unacceptable.

To be fair, Trump has accomplished things here and there, so it’s not as if his presidency has been a total disaster; indeed, we would be far worse off under Hillary or Jeb. And there’s still plenty of time for the Trump administration to deliver on immigration, infrastructure, and the wall, so it’s unwarranted to be too pessimistic at this point.

Nevertheless, it would be foolish to ignore Trump’s errors simply because we like him. The MAGA agenda will only take America so far, particularly when it involves working for the benefit of Israel. So it’s up to us in the Dissident Right – Identitarians, Nationalists, Reactionaries, etc.– to bring non-dissident Trump supporters closer to the light.

When it comes to foreign policy, what we need is a new international order. For the empire that pits America against the enemies of Israel is the very same empire that endeavors to dispossess people of European heritage worldwide. As such, Trump must stop making concessions to the empire – and it’s time to stop pretending that Trump’s foreign policy thus far has been anything other than neoconservatism lite.

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