My Position on Religion Is Objectively Correct

I’m going to try to keep this brief.

Religious debates within an Identitarian context are rarely productive and often tedious. Having observed many, I’ve noticed that the real issue isn’t Christian vs. Pagan, Atheist vs. Christian, X vs. Y, etc. but rather between the following factions:

  1. Faction A: Everyone must convert to my religion. “We’re all going to be [Catholics/Pagans/Atheists/Buddhists] in the ethno-state!”
  2. Faction B: Everyone is cool except for adherents of religion X. “As a Catholic, I’m fine with Orthodox Christians, but the Protestants and Pagans need to burn.”
  3. Faction C: Everyone needs to put aside their religious differences/grievances and focus on the task at hand. “Stop telling Steve you’re going to burn him at the stake if he doesn’t convert to Catholicism, Brian! Protestants are people too!”

Faction A is highly detrimental to the cause. Faction B is detrimental to the cause. Faction C is the only damn thing holding all of this together.

Calling for mass (forced?) conversions to your religion of choice amounts to little more than fantasizing. It’s not going to happen, so get over it and move on. We’re faced with the monumental task of convincing our people that existence is better than non-existence. One of the beauties of Identitarianism is that it allows our people to unite around what we all share, like it or not: identity. We can thus put aside our political, economic, and, yes, religious differences.

Given our predicament, is it really wise to divide our people by religion? If so, then I suppose we’ll need to convert to some form of Protestantism, given that other forms of Christianity came relatively late to America.

As a card-carrying member of the illustrious Faction C, though, I would never advocate such a thing. We’re stronger when we’re united, and the odds of us healing the Protestant-Catholic divide anytime soon – or ever – are next to none.

It’s time to put aside secondary issues and focus on the fact that our people and civilization are sleepwalking toward a cliff. We won’t be having any religious debates if we fall over the precipice, because there won’t be a “we” of which to speak.

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